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Jon Broberg Drums & Percussion
Freelance Drummer

A great way to combine teaching and playing is at clinics and workshops. I play different styles of music and lot of the time at gigs I'm just playing the groove which is... groovy. At clinics I get to make a lot more noise! ...and here are a couple of the clips that you can find on you tube. The qualities not always great... but it you weren't there then this is it!

"Growing up listening to be-bop and Cuban music definitely gave me an ear for drum solos and expressing yourself through your playing, I'm also a life long fan of indie music and hardcore which in a different way is also about saying something. I'm a big drum'n'bass fan and love electronic dance music (and playing dance beats on kit!) and this mixture of influences is what gives me my sound I guess!". Jb.

Thanks to Rick for this! A tune on drums I call T3 - Playing at the UK Custom Drum Festival.

Jobeky UK Custom Drum Festival
UK Custom Drum Festival Line Up.

Louis Davis - Cobus Potgieter - Martin Ranscombe - Robin Guy
Jane Ackroyd - Jon Broberg - Colin Ackroyd - Karl Brazil

This solo features the amazing sound of Natal Chequerplate... and lots of toms!

Thursday 22nd May 2014 The 2B's Stafford Gatehouse Theatre
As part of the Stafford Music Festival I will be presenting a drum clinic with the help of one of my old students,
the most excellent Joe Blanks!

Jon Broberg Guru Drumworks

Visit for more details!
News now of a forthcoming drum clinic bringing back the 2 b’s, Broberg and Blanks,
two top drummers from this county, stay logged on for further details of this exciting night!!

For information on Drum Clinics & Workshops big or small please email Email Jon
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