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Jon Broberg Drums & Percussion
Freelance Drummer

I'm very happy to endorse these awesome companies and I love
playing their great gear!!!

Jon Broberg Istanbul Agop Cymbals
Istanbul Agop Cymbals

ISTANBUL AGOP CYMBALS These are amazing cymbals at the very top end of quality spectrum. Hand hammered and signed by the cymbalsmith, each Istanbul Agop Custom cymbal is a sonic work of art!

AQUARIAN DRUM HEADS I've been hitting Aquarian Skins ever since I was given a set for a clinic several years back. I thought they had a great sound and were really hard wearing and I'm very pleased to say I am now an Aquarain Artist!

Aquarian Heads complement my Guru Kit Perfectly for the ultimate in sound control and tonality!

Guru Drumworks

GURU DRUMWORKS These are the best drums! Guru Drumworks make some of the most beautiful well crafted and fantastic sounding solid wood drums you will ever play! Steam bent or stave.

Guru Drumworks

"When I first saw Dean's Guru drums I thought they were the best I'd seen, he seemed to have stripped everything down to what a pure wooden drum should be but still maintained a very positive character and slight quirkiness. I tried a Zebrano kit and his custom snares and the sound was just as amazing as the construction and finish.  As well as the solid wood stave drums like my Zebrano kit, the solid steam bent drums also sound fantastic. The amazing thing with Guru is that Dean keeps coming out with new designs and finishes that make you go "wow" not just when you see them but when you play them too".

My Guru set-up is a solid wood Zebrano Kit; 14" x 6" snare, 20" x 20" bass, 10" x 9", 12" x 10", 16" x 16" toms and a 12" x 8" ash and walnut chequered 2nd snare.

Protection Racket

PROTECTION RACKET CASES I've been stuffing my drums into Pro Racket cases for as long as 'Ive had drums worth protecting and when the drums have gone, the cases have always stayed! Great Drum Rugs too!


Chequerplate Stuff

CHEQUERPLATE DRUMS & PERCUSSION It looks cool, it sounds amazing!

Click here to listen to me play Chequerplate Percussion.

"Not only a brilliant player, teacher and generally nice guy, but also one of my first endorsees." Steve Poensgen - Chequerplate Drums & Percussion.

For more info please visit each companies website by clicking on their logos.

To ask me anything about my gear just email Email Jon.

Drummerskin T shirts
Drummerskin T shirts
Drummerkin T shirts
Top Quality T shirts With Front, Back & Sleeve Print!
£13.95 Including Free UK Postage!