Jon's Set up: Agop Signature 21" Ride, Vezir 13" Hi Hats, Vezir 20" Ride, Sultan 14" Crash, 8" Traditional Splash, 8" Traditional Heavy Splash.

CYMBALS These are amazing cymbals at the very top end of quality spectrum. Hand hammered and signed by the cymbalsmith, each Istanbul Agop Custom cymbal is a sonic work of art! 


AQUARIAN DRUM HEADS   I've been hitting Aquarian skins ever since I was given a set for a clinic several years back. I thought they had great sound control and tonality. They are really hard wearing too and Aquarian have a huge range of skins for every sound. Many years later I'm still loving their sounds and very pleased to be an Aquarian Artist.

Roy Burnsjpg

With Aquarian founder Roy Burns at Frankfurt Musicmesse 2009.

Bass drum: Super kick 3 black & Regulator black. Snare drum: Classic Coated & Classic Clear Snare. Toms: Response 2 coated white batter & Classic Clear (black) resonant.

PROTECTION RACKET CASES I've been stuffing my drums into Pro Racket cases for as long as I've had drums worth protecting and when the drums have gone, the cases have always stayed or been replaced. The best cases from the coolest company! Great drum rugs, travel luggage and pet beds too! (obviously).


CUSTOM BROBERG KIT My first custom kit that I've designed and built.  Birch shells with vertical grain in 20" kik, 14" snare, 10", 12", 14" toms, all a bit deeper than usual. Raw shells by Alan Tocknell at Tee drums, sanded and finished by myself.  Shiny metaly bits provided by the ever helpfull BR Distribution.BROBERGlogofwpngIt was a LOT of work, sanding and staining and sanding and staining and sanding and measuring and drillng (did I mention the sanding?) all by hand but the result is an awesome looking and amazingly punchy, vibrant sounding custom kit.


GURU SNARE DRUM 13" x 7" custom Ash and Walnut chessboard snare drum. Made by master dum luthier Dean Price from solid individual blocks this is my main go to snare. It's super crisp and responsive but also tight and punchy. It's unique and I'm lucky to  have it!


SONOR DRUMS Anyone who has known me for a long time knows I've played Sonor kits since I started playing seriously and if you've ever been for a lesson with me, you've played Sonor.  My first new Sonor kit was a custom black finish Sonorphonic kit in the late 80's. I played a couple of thousand gigs on it before it retired to the studio and has now done tens of thousands of lessons. Still rock solid and I still get complimented on how it sounds. 

Some things have changed since then..! But they are still making great kits! 


VIC FIRTH STICKS I've been using Vic Firth F1's for the last 6 or 7 years and their brushes for ever. For me the F1 is everything I like for articulation, speed and response.

DE GREGORIO CAJONS Made in Spain these are wonderful sounding Cajons with rich bass and clear responsive  snare tones. I use a Chanela for recording and live and it always makes me smile when people want to look inside it to see why it sounds so good, as though I'm cheating somehow. I use a couple of Bravo's too for teaching.


PERCUSSION! I've got so much wonderful percussion stuff in all shapes and sizes to hit and shake from LP, PEARL, CHEQUERPLATE  and REMO amongst others it's too much to list! My timbales are Pearl Elite, and my congas are Pearl too, new favourite is my LP Laptop conga which is like a congajon and Steve Poengsen's chequrplate cymbals, shakers and effects are always fun to play and joyously different!


BAREFOOT KICK BUDDIES! I'm not much of a shoe wearer and tend to be barefoot whenever I can, though for drumming I do usually wear light skate shoes (great grip and shock absorption)  but these very cool add ons to your bass pedal or hi hat pedal give you grip and shock absorption with out affecting  play-ability at all.  Great on a practice kit or summer gigs!