August 2019 - The Black Rats are playing at the  historic Holly Bush Inn, Salt on Fri 23rd & Sat 24th Aug. Outside gin bar, outside, pizza oven and outside live music... all in the garden of one of England's oldest pubs!   Free entry, music starts at 8.00.

August 2019 - Clip of The Black Rats version of Diamond On The Soles Of Her Shoes by Paul Simon. 

August 2019 - Playing Percussion for the Club Classics gig at Trentham Gardens with House Jammerz. Great crowd!!

July 2019 - With the Black Rats recording original tracks for the forthcoming album. To give  you an idea of our stripped down sound here's the Black Rats version of Skin Deep by The Stranglers. LP Laptop conga and bone shaker.

May 2019 - Slow Funk Shuffle/ Hip Hop Groove - Check the Hi Hat Accents! Istanbul Agop Vezir 13"

May 2019 - Heading into London for the Percussion Day at the Royal College with Tommy Igoe. YDOTY winner Nathan Shingler supporting him on his clinic. Been working with Nath the last few days on what he's playing, looking forward to seeing him do it for real and of course to listen to Tommy. Hopefully see some of you down there!!  

April 2019 - Perc Up Everyone! Got the dance music vibes going in this vid. Curious bunch...

April 2019 - Thanks to everyone who came down to Granvilles in Stone last night to see the Black Rats. It was great to premiere some original songs. Recording next!

March 2019 - AfBro! Brain nearly running out of RAM playing this Afro Cuban Inspired piece based on a recurring tom theme. Six over four in the feet, left foot splashes, lots of independence in the hands and dynamic toms!

March 2019 - Nathans winning performance at Young Drummer Of The Year 2019 now online.  Been teaching Nath for 7 years, just shows what hard work can do! Take a listen, he sounds awesome. 

February 2019 -  As well as taking the title Nath also got to keep the Sonor Kit and a set of Meinl cymbals, he gets to visit the Sonor factory in Germany and will appear at the UK Drum Show in Manchester and the Royal College of Music percussion day amongst others! Well deserved!  Seen here with  Laurens Meyer  (Meinl)  and Edwin Ploojuir (Sonor). Ace prizes guys!

February 2019 - Winner!   Massive well done to Nathan Shingler for winning the 2019 young drummer of the year!! His playing today was awesome, been teaching him for the last 7 years and it's always been a pleasure. Thanks to Sonor Drums, Meinl cymbals and Evans heads for the great prizes and to Mike Dolbear for organising the whole thing. Well done too to all the other finalists, the standard was incredibly high.

October 2018 - Looking forward to playing Miss Moneypenny's show in a few weeks time. Live orchestra, live rhythm section and the worlds most glamorous club in the most spectacular show ever at Symphony Hall Birmingham... and its HaLlowEeeeN ... I'll be at the back playing kit if anyone can see past the dancers