LIVE & STUDIO - Jon Broberg plays drum kit and percussion (congas, timbales, cajon, shakey things and more) on all sorts of music, mixing awesome technique with rock solid dynamic playing in different styles from big funk grooves, dance music percussion, live EDM kit beats, on fire Latin timbales and congas to cool, cool jazz and atmospheric minimal percussion.

EDUCATION & TUITION - As well as playing live and recording, Jon is fast gaining a reputation as one of the Countries leading drum teachers with some of the best young drummers around coming out of his studio, including the 2019 winner of Young Drummer Of The Year and several previous finalists.  Jon also performs at clinics and drumshows.

Listen to Jon's playing in this African inspired solo.

Jon Plays drum kit, congas, timbales and shakers in this latin infused dance music club classics beat.



Jon offers remote recording of drums and percussion parts and can collaborate with artists without the need to book studio time or get together, wherever they are!

Several drum kits, a variety of snare drums, congas, cajons, cowbells, timbales and all manner of shakey things recorded into the latest ProTools and sent to you ready to play or to mix, loop and edit! Parts can be created or played from your scores or adapted from existing ideas. If you need to work quickly to get a project finished or need some inspiration to get the right feel for a new track from brushes to breakbeats to earthy power toms it would be great to hear from you! Send a message on the get in touch page here...

HOW DO YOU WANT YOUR DRUM TRACK TO SOUND? So good that you could mute everythign else and still have something great to listen to that has all the atmospherics and dynamics of your song... or a loop that works for you to play over? Don't kid yourself, drum tracks make a song. That doesn't mean there has to be a lot going on, minimal and atmospheric or driving and in your face, it's whatever works. You're not a drummer (who would be?!) you do all the creative, lyrical, musicy, chordy composition stuff, drummers just hit things. But some drummers hit things really well...



Nathan Shingler winning Young Drummer Of The Year 2019.

Broberg Drum Studio.

ONE TO ONE DRUM LESSONS. Relaxed but busy and involving lessons full of playing in fully equiped studio with two kits, loads of percussion, backing tracks and recording. 

I've been teaching now for 30 years and I'm here to make sure you enjoy playing drums, be constructive in your practicing and become a better player. If you've never played, want to make playing what you do or are already an established drummer, I'll enjoy helping you just as much and working with you to take your playing as far as you want to go. Drums are fun and playing music is an amazing thing that anyone can be involved in!

IMPROVE YOUR TECHNIQUE AND KNOWLEDGE OF THE INSTRUMENT. Learn authentic rhythms and playing styles from Jazz and Funk to Hip Hop and Metal, from Punky beats to Drum'n'Bass and Latin percussion! Understand band skills, timekeeping, recording, rudiments and reading. World class hand speed and Moellor sticking techniques as taught by the late and incomparably great Jim Chapin.

Students include Young Drummer Of The Year 2019 winner Nathan Shingler who has been with me for the last seven years, 3 other previous finalists including Jake Brown and Joe Blanks both long term students who appeared twice and are now pro players in their own right and several more listed in the top 40 over the years, as well as many other players of all ages who have gone on to make their lives as drummers. 


The Young Drummer Of The Year competition is run every year by Mike Dolbear as a celebration of British drumming talent for drummers of 16 and under. Entrants have to provide a two minute drum video of them playing and from the hundreds of entries 40 are shortlisted. The standard is incredibly high and to be shortlisted is a fantastic achievment. From the 40 a final 10 drummers are invited to the live competition where they have to perform their solo, play to a pre given backing track in their own style and then play with a live guitarist and bass player to a piece of music they only hear twice that day.  All to a panel of famous drummers and industry professionals. It's a brilliantly put together day for all the finalists.

Take a listen to Nathan's playing in this years YDOTY final... He sounds awesome!


See more of my students playing on the students page here...


LESSON TIMES. One to one lessons are usually hourly but can be extended to morning or afternoon blocks especially for students coming from a distance. For more info on lessons or to book a first session please send a message on the get in touch page here...

GRADES & EXAMS. There is no pressure or expectation for students to take graded exams but they can be run alongside or integrated into lessons as you wish. I use the RSL Rockschool syllabus (don't be fooled by the name they have a lot of styles covered including some great Jazz and Latin pieces, really Metaly tracks and all sorts in between) as they are geared towards playing as a drummer would live. Students can work through to their grade 8 (usually getting merits or distinctions as) and exam sessions are held at the studio with a visiting examiner. My students who are shortlisted in the top 40 or have made the finals of YDOTY have nearly always worked through the Rockschool syllabus as it's a great preparation for performing.   I can also help students work to other syllabuses and they often go onto study music/ drumming at College or University.


CLINICS & PRESENTATIONS. I also perform at clinics and drum shows and can present demonstrations or workshops for small or large groups. These can be based on a specific theme or be a general intruduction to the world of drums and percussion for anyone who wants to see and hear drums up close.

To find out about education and clinics please send a message on the get in touch page here...